Still Gaming After All These Years

Come To My “Still Gaming After All These Years” GDC Presentation!

If you’re attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, be sure to catch my panel Still Gaming After All These Years“, about the challenges and opportunities of being an over-50 game developer, at 10am on Friday, March 6. My fellow panelists include Laura Buddine, Jill Miller, Mike Sellers, William Volk and Mary-Margaret Walker.

Here’s a description:

“According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, 26% of gamers are over the age of 50, and yet the 2014 IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey finds that only 1% of game developers are aged 50 and above. In fact, many veteran game developers report that they want to continue to make games but have found job opportunities limited upon reaching the age of 50 and above. Is this due to ageism in game industry hiring practices? This panel, comprised of a veteran game industry executive, game producer, human resources manager, executive recruiter, and developer of games for seniors will present their own experiences as over-50 gaming professionals, examine the myth versus the reality of the contributions of over-50 workers, and provide advice for those over 50 about keeping their skills current and finding opportunities to apply them.”

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