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Gamification and Learning… A Video Game Designer’s POV

PodcastLast Saturday I was a guest on Gamification Talk Radio, a podcast hosted by Monica Cornetti. Monica a gamification keynote speaker, curriculum designer, and author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. She is rated as the #1 Gamification Guru in the World by Leaderboarded (during the month of November, I was rated by Leaderboarded as the #7 Gamification Guru in social media).

Monica’s niche is gamification used in the corporate environment, but she asked me to appear on her program to share the perspective of a traditional video game designer who is interested in the use of gamification in the classroom.

The topics I cover are:

  1. How traditional video game designers view gamification
  2. How to use gamification in the classroom setting
  3. How to teach gamification to others

To go to the Gamification Talk Radio website and hear the thirty-minute program in its entirety, click on the image below.




Hack The Classroom Powerpoint Presentations

Hack The Classroom

Today I spoke at Hack The Classroom, an event held at Loyola Marymount University where where “educators passionate about technology can share their ideas and experiences, learn, collaborate, tinker, and share.”

Here are the Powerpoint presentations for my talks on Game-Based Learning and Gamification of the Classroom.