Electric Sheep Consulting
Electric Sheep Consulting is the consulting services of award-winning interactive designer and producer David Mullich. Whether you have an idea for a project but don’t know how to get started, want a reliable resource to create your presentation or design, need an experienced professional to find developers or manage your project, or simply want an outside perspective to provide advice to help you do your job better, Electric Sheep Consulting can plug you back in.

Electric Sheep’s services include:

  • Game Design: Concepts, proposals, game design documents, user interface design, gamification, creative direction, and competitive analysis.
  • Educational Design: Serious games, simulations, interactive tutorials.
  • Creative Writing: Scripts, game manuals.
  • Technical Writing: Software manuals, technical design documents, tutorials.
  • Project Management: Budgeting, scheduling, milestone creation, recruiting, team building.
  • Web Development: Website design and production.
  • Multimedia Presentations: PowerPoint presentations audio and video editing, and DVD slideshow production.
  • Lectures: Speaking presentations about a variety of interactive production topics.


For more information, email me.



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