Hack The Classroom

I have given lectures and participated on panels about various interactive education and design topics at The Game Developers Conference, Casual Connect Anaheim, Wargaming.net Minsk, Games Gathering Kiev, Scottish Games Conference Dundee, Social Media Week, Loyola Marymount University, The USC Institute of Multimedia Literacy, Talents in Games Online Conference, The Los Angeles Film School, The New York Film Academy, and Westwood College:

    • Milestones and Glass Houses: Keeping Your Development Schedule From Shattering
    • From Concept to Contract: How To Make A Successful Product Pitch.
    • Developing Games Based Upon Licensed Properties
    • The Art and Craft of Game Design (panelist with Margot Comstock, Don Daglow, Jordan Mechner, Sid Meier, Jon Van Canegham)
    • Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley (roundtable leader)
    • An Inside Look at Social Games
    • Getting Hired in the Game Industry (panelist)
    • The Gamification of America
    • Is Gamification A Bad Word? How to Incorporate Games Into Your Social Media (panelist)
    • Game-Based Learning
    • Gamification of the Classroom
    • Engaging Your Advertising With Gamification
    • Still Gaming After All These Years (roundtable leader)
    • Using Game Thinking to Level Up User Engagement
    • How to Run Your Own Career Fair on a Tiny Budget
    • How to be a Game Design Hero
    • Designing Games for More Engagement and Expansion

If you are interested in having me give a lecture at your conference or organization about an interactive development topic, please contact me.

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