Electric Sheep Consulting, 2010-Present
Designer / Producer: Consultant on the design, development and production of casual games, social games, multiplayer online games, game-based learning, classroom management systems, websites and other online entertainment and educational projects.

Jet Morgan Games, 2012-2013
Executive Producer:
Designed and produced children’s casual games, iPhone games and websites. Projects include Disney’s Pair of Kings, Pyramid of Puzzles, FijitFriends.com and Bandai America’s Power Rangers Megaforce card game website.

Spin Master Ltd., 2008-2010
Executive Producer:
Produced children’s multiplayer online games, casual games, and websites. Projects include Bakugan Dimensions and Zoobles.com.

Abandon Interactive Entertainment, 2005-2008
Development Director:
Managed external development of the community website, billing system, and lobby system for the cross-platform, children’s virtual trading card MMO “Freaky Creatures”. Also managed development of mobile phone games for NBC Sports and casual games for Disney.

Activision, 2002-2005
Managed external development of “Star Trek” themed real-time strategy game prototypes and award-winning “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines” role-playing game, based upon Valve’s “Half Life 2” engine, for one of the industry’s largest and most successful software publishers. Also produced voice-overs for “Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland”.

New World Computing/The 3DO Company, 1997-2002
Senior Director:
Lead internal team of thirty designers, artists and programmers creating the best-selling “Heroes of Might & Magic” fantasy strategy game franchise for a development studio owned by game publisher The 3DO Company.
David has 2 recommendations (2 reports) including:

Cyberdreams, 1993-1997
Creative Director:
Managed external development for a publisher of award-winning PC and Macintosh adventure games, working in collaboration with author Harlan Ellison (“Star Trek,” “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream,”), artist H.R. Giger (“Alien”), and directors Jeff Blyth (IMAX and Disney Circlevision) and Wes Craven (“Scream,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street”).

Interactive Support Group, 1991-1993
New Media Producer:
Managed internal development for console game developer, creating driving and action games created for (what was then) next generation systems: CD-I for Philips Interactive Media of America, and 3DO for Electronic Arts. Also developed interactive encyclopedia for Encyclopedia Britannica.

Walt Disney Computer Software, 1987-1991
Associate Producer:
Managed external development by licensees and developers for The Walt Disney Company. Produced action and children’s games based upon Disney character, film and television properties such as “DuckTales” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” across multiple console and computer platforms.

Electric Transit, 1985-1987
Development Director:
Co-founded serious games publisher chosen by Electronic Arts as its first affiliated label company. Managed external development of 3-D spaceflight simulations and award-winning wilderness survival adventure simulation developed by NASA scientists and engineers.

Edu-Ware, 1980-1985
Vice President of Software Development:
Managed internal and external development for one of the first entertainment and educational software publishers. Designed and directed all internally developed adventure, RPG and simulation computer games. Also programmed all 6502 assembly language development tools, including graphics engine and AI routines, used by the programming department.

Greenleaf Productions, 1978-1980
Game Developer:
Designed and programmed database programs, simulations, and role-playing games for the Apple II.



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