“David was able to tap his considerable network of developers and his own expertise to assist me at Production Road. His recommendations were always spot on. He was able to quickly understand the situation, and drive solutions. I’d known David for several years before this too, as our paths crossed at Activision as well. I would gladly recommend him for his Production experience and his creative insight to manage any interactive project – be it developed internally, or working with an external group.”
Jonathan Moses
Executive Producer
Production Road
“It was a pleasure working with David who produced some very complex and challenging PC games at Activision. He would go the extra mile to get the job done right, and could be trusted to handle difficult situations.”
Mark Lamia
Vice President, North American Studios
“I had the pleasure of working with David and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to interact with. Game development is a fast-paced, stressful environment, but David never lost his cool. He was always willing to take a moment to work with you and help you solve the problem you were facing. I hope our paths cross again in the future.”
Dan Chisolm
Neversoft Entertainment
“David Sears and I worked very hard on I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. And we both get our accolades in your presentation [of ‘Best Adventure Game of the Year’]. But someone else who had as much, or more, to do with bringing this project to fruition… is David Mullich. He was the project manager and designer after David Sears moved on. He worked endlessly, and with what Balzac called ‘clean hands and composure’ to produce a property that would not shame either of us. It simply would not have won your award had not David Mullich mounted the barricades.”
Harlan Ellison
Letter to Computer Gaming World
“David recognized the immediate potential in an unconventional game project I brought to him at Cyberdreams and was the major force in steering it through development and release. During this time he was very protective of the creative concept behind the game and was a key collaborator whose opinions and suggestions I valued above all others. If I had another opportunity to work with David, under any circumstances, I would not hesitate to do so.”
Jeff Blyth
Mei Guan Xi, Inc.
“David was a great game producer when working for ISG/DigiQuest Multimedia. He managed the entire game production and was responsible for all the games we develop at ISG. I enjoyed working with David and really appreciate his positive attitude and great dedication.”
Regis Bridon
CEO & Founder
DigiQuest Multimedia
“David was a very thoughtful, responsible, and detail oriented Producer at Disney Software. He balanced the business, technical, and creative requirements well, and had a strong connection with the target audience while producing very high quality projects.”
Roger Hector,
Director Product Development
Walt Disney Software
“It is impossible to overstate David’s contributions at Edu-Ware both creatively and managerially. He created pioneering game and educational designs, yet also provided solid leadership and effective management in a challenging environment. It would have been a very different organization without him, and far less successful.”
Steve Pederson
Edu-Ware Services
“David is a wonderfully creative game designer. His adaptation of Patrick McGoohan’s Prisoner to the very early Apple II was superb and foreshadowed an artificial intelligence that has yet to come to fruition–yet David’s game made it seem diabolically real. His Space, around the same time, led us into the cosmos with strange and amazing–and fun–effects. Later, David contributed his deep talents to New World Computing’s Might & Magic series. He and founder Jon Van Caneghem showed that role-playing adventure games could be tough and fun and user-friendly at the same time. It would be hard to know games and not value David’s input and skills!”
Margot Comstock
Softalk Magazine
“One of the intellectual lights of the design community, Mullich has given a lot of thought about what exactly goes to make a first class computer game… His games are standing the test of time as well as any computer games ever invented. His unorthodox approach to electronic gaming is pushing back design frontiers while providing those who enjoy a ‘heavy think’ game as a nice change from the arcade-style shoot-’em-ups many hours of enjoyable play.”
Steve Davidson
Electronic Games Magazine



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