David MullichDavid Mullich an interactive education and entertainment consultant who has created award-winning products and innovative projects for Activision, Disney, Encyclopedia Britannica, Spin Master, The 3DO Company and numerous other companies.

In addition to my consulting work, I serve on The Los Angeles Film School’s Game Production Department Advisory Committee, am co-author of the Boy Scouts of America’s Game Design Merit Badge Workbook, and answer kid’s questions about game design on the Boy’s Life website.

I began my career as a best-selling designer and programmer of Apple II educational software and games, most notably a truly twisted adventure game called The Prisoner, based on the Patrick McGoohan television show from the 1960’s. I went on form my company, Electric Transit, a publisher of 3D simulations developed in collaboration with NASA/JPL scientists. This company became Electronic Arts’ first affiliated label publisher.

My later accomplishments include producing The Walt Disney Company’s first self-published games; collaborating with author Harlan Ellison on the critically acclaimed video game adaptation of Ellison’s classic short story I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream; managing the Heroes of Might & Magic development team for The 3DO Company; producing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines for Activision; directing development of NBC Sports themed mobile games for Abandon Interactive Entertainment; and producing children’s MMO’s, casual games and websites for Disney, Bandai America, Mattel, and Spin Master toy company.

In addition, I have spoken about game design and production at the Los Angeles Film School and Game Developers Conference, and volunteered as a game industry mentor at the USC Gamepipe Laboratory.



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